Philmworks Post Production

Boutique  Film & Video Production 

From camera to screen - in just 3 words...


Any format of film or video into a format of your choice.

Don't know where to start? You WON'T get an overwhelming experience by asking. You may be delighted in fact....

8mm film is our specialty. Our prototype scanner has received attention world wide.

All you have to do is email us: What do you have to lose?


 We obtained our training on large Hollywood film projects. Editing takes, color grading digital outputs and quality checking films- shot by shot...and...we also do- NOT big movies.... like yours perhaps? 

We also add sound, voice overs - write music,    So- Hollywood or Redwood , - we are ready!


Delivery is our specialty! 

On a large platform,  Philmworks has Delivered Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) to Academy Award submission standards, to the BFI LONDON FILM FESTIVAL   & the


That may sound impressive- but we have also delivered precious home made super 8 films and VHS tapes, to hard drives and DVD's. They can even be  uploaded directly to Youtube.

DCP or DVD- we can get it sorted for you!