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My background IS cinema. I AM a digital cinema projectionist.  Therefore the end presentation and end format of everything I do, is always in the front of my mind.

I spent years working for large cinema chains, and was moved around New Zealand many times, to improve the presentation of moving images on many screens - and in many projection rooms. I was the head projectionist in the Post Production facilities that produced Lord of the Rings and received my training in post production during those years.

Digital Cinema is something I am current with. Ths is my advantage.
For example, If you have any questions about how to get your previously made Film off Digital Betacam and into a current format for screening in a festival - you won't be pointed in the direction of a cinema to get more information. We will transfer it for you and knock it out quickly - with all the knowledge you need to move forward.

We have a rendering workstation that is fierce at producing beautiful digital cinema packages - quickly - and to Academy Award and SMPTE submission standards. We know the pitfalls with certain cinema servers so produce DCP's that WILL play first time- everytime!